Month: September 2021

Popular Linux Distributions

MX Linux

It is elegant highly stable and has an efficient desktop that is the reason why why it is top in the famous list of Linux distributions. It has a very easy learning curve. It has a solid performance simple configuration and a medium-sized footprint. It is is a Linux operating system that is a mid-weight test of an oriented system based on Debian. All types of users and applications can be accessed by this. It has a certain amount of non-free software that is user-oriented and I’m sure that the system works out of the box. It is majorly disabled due to the controversies surrounding it but in reality, it is very unique because it ships system and service manager.


It is very advantageous because it has great features and power which is based on Arch Linux. For both the experienced and new users it provides a great experience and an amazingly pleasant installation. Graphical applications pre-installed desktop environments and multimedia codecs that play videos and audios are built-in with manjaro. It feels greats to have this because you will have a great experience working on it.

Linux Mint

Linux mint works on the concept of “from freedom came elegance”. This is based on Ubuntu that is powerful, stable, and complete. It is fast, amazing, and very useful for both the experienced and beginners. At the time of installation, you can choose the most distinguishing features that are ever mentioned from Linux mint. You are free to choose from a huge list of Desktop environments. Once you install it the rest options are completely assured. This installation will help to play the video and music files. These standard installations will provide great multimedia which looks like it is out of the box.


Comparatively, distribution is the most famous and needs no introduction. The company which is behind Ubuntu has put in a lot of great efforts to make it widespread distro and also popular. It has been so successful that you can now find them in PCs, servers, cloud VPS, tablets, and also smartphones. Ubuntu is based on Debian and so it is the most popular among all the new users. This is the most prominent reason behind its sustainable growth over time. Xubuntu,  lubuntu, and Kubuntu are also based on Debian. Before installing this it will also provide you with a try Ubuntu feature which will let you drive Ubuntu even before the installation on your hard drive. This is a great feature to try before you install it.


Debian is a solid Linux distribution which is committed to free software and will remain free forever. It also accepts the user to install non-free software to improve the productivity of their machines. It can be used both on server and desktop computers. It also has a great infrastructure which runs on the clouds. It is one of the famous and oldest Linux distributions. Ubuntu and Kali Linux are the most popular Linux distributions. There are many packages available in the Debian repository for the current stable version.

Elementary OS

It is an open replacement for Windows OS. It is very well advertised by its developers as a great looking Ubuntu-based desktop which is also a Linux distro. It was first introduced in the year 2011 and currently, it is is on the fifth stable release which is named after Hera. The packages and repositories are compatible as the elementary OS is based on Ubuntu. It is the greatest looking desktop distro amongst all.


Solus is a Linux distro that is built from scratch designed for office and home computing. It follows the concept of no-clutter. It has many varieties of software that you can use for your regular applications without any hassles. It has amazing interesting features that include a custom Desktop Environment which is named as a budgie. It offers a great variety of development tools like compilers, programming languages, version control systems, editors, and many other virtualization Technology. It is also integrated so that it has the look and feel of the GNOME 2 desktop. It also has great customer reviews.

Zorin OS

It is one of the easiest to use and the best Linux desktop distributions which are currently available. It is one of the best alternatives for Mac OS and Windows. It is also called as the best Gateway into the Linux world. It is very popular since it is very clean, powerful, and provides a polished desktop. It offers the Zorin appearance app which lets the users customize the desktop and create the environment which they are familiar with. Zorin is very much famous because it is very easily customizable. It is loved because it is very flexible.


A worldwide community of developers and volunteers is maintained and built by the Fedora project. It continues to be the best and one of the top used distributions for many years and also many years ahead to come. Cloud image server edition and workstation are the three main available versions that come along with the ARM-based version for typically headless service. The most unique and distinguishing characteristic of this distro is the integrating new package versions and also Technologies that are available in this distribution. Sent over an enterprise Linux are the new releases that are based on Fedora.


This distro is formerly known as Linux depend or hiweed. It is is an Operating System that is derived from Debian and supported by Linux. This distro is also supported by desktop, laptops, and all in ones. The mission of this distro is to provide a safe, easy to use, a beautiful, and reliable operating system to international users. It comes with the deep in Desktop Environment and a pre-installed open-source software along with many local applications that can be used by the users. This enables you to experience a variety of recreational activities and also is functional to meet your daily needs. If you have any issues in using this distro then you can contact the deeping store and find out the right information.… Read the rest

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